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Recent Updates

Updated the Essex Sports Link page - with list of activities and forms


Added 2 short videos on the success page (boxing and equalities)


Updated the abc forum page - with list of activities and forms


Updated the conference page - Tom Dollery Suite is confirmed as the venue.


The Aspire Project is supported by the Department of Communities and Local Government.



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Aspire- What is it about?

The key purpose of the Aspire project which is funded through the Government’s Department for Communities & Local Government is to build capacity in the community for the engagement of targeted communities by promoting positive alternative activities for young people.


Local Leagues is doing this through working with local organisations in Birmingham, Leicester, London and Rochdale/ Sheffield by seeking to engage with students as volunteers in higher and further education and identifying opportunities for them to become involved with young people in targeted areas through sport and developing personal leadership qualities. This is a model which Local Leagues has developed and achieved considerable success in Birmingham with the local universities and which we are currently extending through local community organisations and sports clubs elsewhere e.g. De Montfort University (Leicester) and Hallam University (Sheffield).



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Aspire National Conference @ Warwickshire County Cricket Ground in Edgbaston, Biirmingham on 18 March 2009.


Success Stories

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Local League Academy, which fields 4 teams in the Central Warwickshire Youth Football League, is a model of...